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by elsonkms92 posted 1192 days ago

I am no maya nor mel expert but if you take a look at the hotkey Editor, you will find (for etc modelling Panel-displaywireframe) under command, there is a bunch of codes there that will activate whenever you execute the hotkey. One way of doing it is to edit the command and add a command that list and get all panels. This will get all panels then execute the command which is the "global" way you wanted. Of course, i may be wrong so maybe we can wait for a expert to drop by? XD

by elsonkms92 posted 1190 days ago

I will have them as for etc 1.L_ikctrl_offset grp (as you know, offset = offset) 2.L_ikctrl_holder grp (incoming connections) 3.L_ikctrl_SDK grp(well, set driven keys..) 4.L_ikctrl_constraint grp(for animators in case they need to constraint to) 5.L_ikctrl_grp(a sub grp just incase for anything else if the grps on top is fulled)

Only for those impt ctrls i would do my per normal 5 grps above. If not, two is my average(etc IKFK switch.) Hope it helps XD

by elsonkms92 posted 1183 days ago

@denilson020898 forgive my tiny brain but I dont really understand the concept behind your code. :O Does this create a actual null on top of the ctrl or ? I dont really get the "buffer" thingy too. Please forgive my limited knowledge but i am really interested to learn more XD

by elsonkms92 posted 1176 days ago

Sorry for the late reply haha. Yea i got everything to work out thankfully! XD just wondering, as this is part of a auto rig script i am writing, is this actually practical to be a useful script to be in a reel/interview or should i actually spend time researching on more practical tools?

by elsonkms92 posted 1175 days ago

Thank you for the kind explanation. I thought so myself too. Perhaps I should indulge it as a personal project and learning experience on python while spend majority of the other time on more useful tools. Many thanks! :)

by elsonkms92 posted 1163 days ago

I prefer using joints for my eyebrows and using follicles to make them follow the head. Not sure whats happening in ur scene but perhaps you can provide a scene for us to debug? We cant confirm anything without the scene haha.

by elsonkms92 posted 1137 days ago

Probably your joint orient is messed up. How about uploading just the joints with flipped problem ik chain for us to disect? :)

by elsonkms92 posted 1123 days ago

Yea you got me itchy to know whats your solution haha! go for it!

by elsonkms92 posted 1067 days ago

Its looks promising! The techniques behind rigs are definitely above average but do take care on the volume. The wrist appears to lose volume when rotating and its with corrective BS.