Privacy policy

In order to facilitate the web app functionalities of this website (logging in, commenting and posting new content), some information about the users needs to be stored.

Before describing what and how information is being stored, it is important to note that none of it is being shared with any third parties and it is only ever used for the above mentioned functions.

Stored information

User data

At, we store the following information about registered users


The only cookie this website uses is the session cookie, which is solely used to keep users logged in, so they can use the commenting and posting new entries functions.

As cookies are stored on users devices, they can always be deleted from the browser’s settings.

Deleting information

As the intended purpose of this website is to facilitate communication between riggers, I deemed the Deleting information feature unnecessary in the first iteration of the web application.

It is the first thing on the list to be implemented in order to comply fully with GDPR laws, but for the time being, anyone can send me an email request for deleting their data at and I will fulfill their request immediately, followed by a confirmation that everything has been deleted.