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Facial Rigging... oh yeah!

by user45 posted 08-11-2017

Hello there!

I am striving to become a very stable rigger, and still have a lot to learn. Seems like for each new thing I learn there are 5 more things to learn, but that’s just how it is :-)

I was wondering how your preferred facial rigs are setup, just out of curiosity!

I am an extremely fan of vshotarov’s setup , and that is kind of where I want to end up :p I am guessing it is a combination of blendshapes and joints, local and global rigging? (which is how I mostly do it, but at very basic level)! What is your workflow? For an example; Do you use expressions for fleshy eyelids or do you use nodes and if so why and how (not necessarily in details) if you use a lot of expressions, wouldn’t that slow your rig down in the long run, how do you end that problem? For facial rigs like vshotarov’s, how do you go about that?

This is a very open question, and is basically ment to get the (advanced) facial rigging conversation going! ;)

All the best, nikhatos!