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Where do you go when you have a rigging question to ask? [ - ]
vshotarov just now

Spline IK double transforming [ - ]
askingRigger 2 hours ago

How do I prevent a spline IK setup from double transforming?

helpfulRigger 1 hour ago [ - ]

Try turning the inheritTransform attribute on the curve off.

askingRigger just now [ - ]

Wicked! That did it, thanks a lot!.

Need tutorial, pls help [ - ]
noobRigger 1 day ago

Hi! I can't find a tutorial for how to rig the left eyelid of a velociraptor transformers robot. I need it done by tomorrow, but I haven't started yet. Do I use the ik handle tool?. Plz help!

excitedRigger 1 hour ago [ - ]

Yeah, and I want my rigs to skin themselves...

New Maya skinCluster plugin [ - ]
sharingRigger 2 hours ago

Hi guys! I want to share my latest plugin. It's a skinCluster that's 40% faster than Maya's default one, it has a built-in collision and intersection solver and preserves volume perfectly. Also, it skins itself!

excitedRigger just now [ - ]


Soon enough!