DQ blend weight and the model turning black

by mwessels posted 886 days ago | 2 comments

Howdy, I was wondering if anyone ever had a problem of a model turning black after starting to paint DQ blend weights? It would go away if I scrub the timeline and the moment I move a control it would revert to black again.

If I go to the skin cluster node and switch the mode back to classic linear the problem goes away along with the handy dual quaternion influence.


by RickFronek posted 382 days ago

Hi guys,

The Dual Quaternion method should be black by default. I think, that is the indicator that no area on your mesh is being controlled by the DQ method. I usually paint the writs, forearms, knees and hips to maintain a better volumes in those areas when the meshes are twisting in some tough poses.

I think of it as the ability to layer another weight map on top of the classic linear weight map the skinCluster offers.

Anyway, I hope that helps.


by vshotarov posted 884 days ago

I think i've had this problem with weight blended, but I don't remember ever having it with DQ. Try turning the deformUserNormals attribute on the skinCluster off.