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What do I need to be a rigger?

by user461 posted 04-04-2020 | 1 comment

Hi all, i was a generalist and i am pretty late to the rigging game (already 30 yikes) Where do I start in order to be a competent rigger? Is there a benchmark in terms of speed, quality, math knowledge, coding etc etc?

I've watched some videos, did some practices, but it feels like I'm going nowhere.


by user466 posted 15-04-2020

Hi there,

I'm a student currently specialising in rigging so forgive me for not knowing all the answers. But the few things I've picked up for what is needed is a good knowledge of Python, Maya, and anatomy. This is mainly because most studios use Maya for asset creation and animating. Python is used for modular/procedural rigging which is used in conjunction with Maya. And anatomy is good for knowing how a character or creature should move so then you know how it should bend and deform.

I hope that helps a bit!