What do I need to be a rigger?

by hz32290 posted 287 days ago | 1 comment

Hi all, i was a generalist and i am pretty late to the rigging game (already 30 yikes) Where do I start in order to be a competent rigger? Is there a benchmark in terms of speed, quality, math knowledge, coding etc etc?

I've watched some videos, did some practices, but it feels like I'm going nowhere.

by Aidan posted 275 days ago

Hi there,

I'm a student currently specialising in rigging so forgive me for not knowing all the answers. But the few things I've picked up for what is needed is a good knowledge of Python, Maya, and anatomy. This is mainly because most studios use Maya for asset creation and animating. Python is used for modular/procedural rigging which is used in conjunction with Maya. And anatomy is good for knowing how a character or creature should move so then you know how it should bend and deform.

I hope that helps a bit!