Modelling-Surfacing-Rigging Pipeline

by C_A_Thornhill posted 1133 days ago | 2 comments

In your pipeline, does surfacing/texturing come before rigging or after? Why?

by tdHendrix posted 1133 days ago

We get a proxy model and start working on the rig while the modeler completes the high-res model/texture/game parts, so usually it's done at the same time or after (if I finish the rig before they get to texturing). The texture is a non-blocker to rig the character so no need to wait until it's finished before starting the rig.

by C_A_Thornhill posted 1130 days ago

Proxies would be wonderful, but our designs/models change right up until the last minute (including proportion an joint placement) so a proxy would not work in our case. We are rigging final geo. In the past surfacing was always done first so they could delete any UV history without affecting the rigs. Then it changed so rigs are being done first, because sometimes the riggers need changes in the geo that effect UVs and textures.

Now, we are working concurrently with surfacing, and it causes all kinds of problems. I'd love to know how other studios (television/features) organize their pipelines.