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Rigging Books

by user8 posted 05-11-2017 | 5 comments

Hey all,

I have come across books like Rig it Right! as well as The Art of Rigging book series. In my opinion, I think that they are aging a bit now... Curious to know if anyone knows of any other good rigging books?


by user100 posted 07-01-2018
  • Animation Methods - Rigging Made Easy! by David Rodriguez (He also got some Youtube videos)
  • Maya Techniques - Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation by Eric Miller and others (very old, but maybe useful)


by user113 posted 04-01-2018


  • Visualizing Quaternions
  • Numerical Recipes
  • Python Cookbook
  • Python Pocket Reference
  • Maya & Python for Game Developer
  • Any linear algebra book
  • An Actor Prepares
  • The Animators Survival Kit
  • The illusion of Life, Disney
  • Timing for Animation
  • Stop Staring

Any of the Edward Muybridge books studying motion.


by user47 posted 08-11-2017

There is an ibook "the art of moving points" by Brian Tindall. It comes with a bunch of videos with further explanations. You can find a few examples here:

It also covers modelling and is not application specific.

Not really rigging books, but I always have those on my desk and look things up in them more frequently than in any rigging book I read so far.

  • "3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development" - Ian Parberry

  • "Animal Anatomy for Artists" - Eliot Goldfinger

  • "Practical Maya Programming with Python" - Robert Galanakis

  • "Classic Human Anatomy" - Valerie Winslow


by user7 posted 07-11-2017

Yeah, book are a little old but they are usual better advice on rigging than most videos you can find about rigging. Here are some book I ve stumbled upon, "Animator friendly rigging (Jason-Schleifer_2006)" and "Quadruped Animation Friendly Rigging (Javier-Solsona_2007)" these two are really good. A bit old but really good?


by user3 posted 07-11-2017

I've seen some old videos by Jason Schleifer and I thought they were really nice, so I'd be interested in having a look at that book.