Rigging Books

by JaschaW posted 37 days ago | 3 comments

Hey all,

I have come across books like Rig it Right! as well as The Art of Rigging book series. In my opinion, I think that they are aging a bit now... Curious to know if anyone knows of any other good rigging books?

by dominik posted 34 days ago

There is an ibook "the art of moving points" by Brian Tindall. It comes with a bunch of videos with further explanations. You can find a few examples here:



It also covers modelling and is not application specific.

Not really rigging books, but I always have those on my desk and look things up in them more frequently than in any rigging book I read so far.

  • "3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development" - Ian Parberry

  • "Animal Anatomy for Artists" - Eliot Goldfinger

  • "Practical Maya Programming with Python" - Robert Galanakis

  • "Classic Human Anatomy" - Valerie Winslow

by Orkah posted 35 days ago

Yeah, book are a little old but they are usual better advice on rigging than most videos you can find about rigging. Here are some book I ve stumbled upon, "Animator friendly rigging (Jason-Schleifer_2006)" and "Quadruped Animation Friendly Rigging (Javier-Solsona_2007)" these two are really good. A bit old but really good?

by vshotarov posted 35 days ago

I've seen some old videos by Jason Schleifer and I thought they were really nice, so I'd be interested in having a look at that book.