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Houdini Rigging Workflow

by user7 posted 21-11-2017 | 2 comments

So I recently started to learn rigging in sideFx Houdini. And I am curious to know if any off you have tried it. As I see it for the level I am at, rigging in houdini seems so simple compared to maya rigging. Since you can plug math expressions in any channel you want, or just link channels together so easily. I have not yet tried to mes with deformation enough to really talk about that.

Has anybody tried this? Does anybody know of a houdini maya workflow? Is it used in productions? Am I just loosing my time learning this awsome rigging tool?


by user79 posted 24-11-2017

We're starting a project this Monday where we're going to try rigging in Houdini as we've moved more and more of our pipeline to Houdini from Maya lately. I won't be the one rigging but I'll be working closely with the rigger so I can report back in a few days/weeks with more info how it went and if we're considering it a successful attempt. ;)


by user7 posted 24-11-2017

So cool. I would love to hear how that goes. If there are any difficulties compared to maya or strong points that would make everybody consider moving a pipeline to houdini from maya. So far I ve seen only strong points for houdini, but I m just a student trying to learn stuff so I don t have nearly enough testing power to make an opinion out of it. Thanks for the feedback.