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Deleting Shape Nodes

by user66 posted 27-11-2017 | 1 comment

After completing a rig I often find a bunch of extra shapeOrig nodes left in the file. If I map them in the node editor they are not connected to anything. Is there any danger in deleting these nodes?


by user3 posted 28-11-2017

Depending on how the geometries in questions are rigged, but yes, there is danger. Basically, the node editor might not be showing all the connections, so these shapes might very well be connected. Try turning Show auxiliary nodes on from the Show menu in the node editor.

It might be easier to just do something like this, actually

for each in,fl=1):
    print mc.listConnections(each)

If there's nothing there, in theory you can delete them, but to be honest, I've never felt the need to do that and more often than not I would have deformers chained after each other, so the Orig shapes would be needed.