Any helpful resources for automated facial rigging sillmar to advancedskeleton Facial setups?

by IrisHeart posted 1042 days ago | 3 comments

Trying to get into facial rigging having a hard time finding resources to help make things like blendshapes with scripts Here are some examples of Advancedskeleton setups

by Aerys posted 1014 days ago

Advancedskeleton just moved to an all-joint basic setup. Corrective blendshapes can be created by hand afterward. I think this is a bit more modern.

Advancedskeleton uses a setup very similar to this for eyelids.

It uses a ribbon controller to drive the lips like this one. I think mGear has an auto-lip-rigger you could snip some code from, since it is permissively licensed.

I haven't tried rigging anything with the new version yet, but I'm wondering how it differs under the hood. One of the coolest things in the old system was that it used an nCloth simulation to generate blendshapes for the eyebrows.

by vshotarov posted 1041 days ago

I know it's not scripting blendshapes, but I'd recommend having a look at mGear. It's a bit of a different approach, but you might still find it handy.

Here's an example video that comes to mind

by IrisHeart posted 1041 days ago

Thanks I watched a bunch of his videos already big fan of mGear^^ its one reason why im looking for more resources I have some idea how I should go about doing it but I wanted to know best practices for facial Rigging before I start trying to making facial scripts.

Found some cool videos Facial Rig based on FACS