by Orkah posted 6 days ago | 1 comment

Hi, I would like to discuss a a way of rigging a certain character. One of the animator in my class would like to animate a puppeteer and he s puppet, and although he could just animate both of them separatly and make it look like the puppet is responding to the puppeteer s movement, I personnaly found the challenge really cool. So I would like to know if any of you master riggers have thoughts on this. How would you go about it. My first thought on the matter was to set up a FullBodyIK on the puppet and connect different parts of it to another rig (puppeteer) and try to make it react as I want to the puppeteer s animation. But I think that would be too linear of a movement to be realistic. I also thought about dynamics, but as we know it is not a reliable way of animating (I think) because it would cause random movements on the puppet and would slow perfomance way down. If you have any idea, please share =). Good luck to you all.

by harshad posted 5 days ago

Interesting situation. So thinking, on the top of my head, this is just a theory and not a definite answer:

It will always better to animate them separately to retain the amount of control for the Animator (you are correct that relying on actual dynamic gimmicks is not reliable). Still, you can try using Spline Ik & secondary dynamics (using a dynamic curve) to create a rig for the strings which will look natural. Maybe lock the curve on both ends. I don't know how/if the FullBodyIK can be somehow manipulated to work with the secondary animation from the curve.

It would be better if you can create a small test scene to try it out. Let us know how it goes.