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[Freelance Job Offer] Rigger needed

by user195 posted 05-06-2018

Hi, I'm looking for a Maya rigger able to weight paint clothing items for different existing characters. The characters are already skinned and weight painted. The items are mostly multi-layered clothing, so I need to be able to combine different items and they need to deform correctly together. The characters have some deformers to make them fatter, thinner and so on and the clothing needs to follow accordingly. Items are double sided so it might be needed to create proxy meshes to correctly paint the weights and then copy them to the actual model. So some modelling experience is needed too. I work by myself on this project. I'm not a studio or company. I look forward to work with someone I can communicate with on a daily basis, share screens, and test things together. If you are interested please contact me at so we can discuss all the details. Thank you very much :)