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by user8 posted 10-11-2017 | 6 comments

Hey all,

I wanted to start this thread to maybe get people to share articles/videos/reels and all sort of amazing content relating to rigging. I thought that this could be something to inspire us all and share what we have recently come across that blew our minds!

So, here's something that I came across that sticks in my mind that really impressed me.

This is a rigging reel from Euler RnD (Eric D. Legare). He has featured on a lot of Neill Blomkamp's films. Hope you guys like it! I can't wait to hear what you think and for what you have come across that impressed you!


by user66 posted 13-11-2017

Just saw this book rig today and was blown away.


by user20 posted 14-11-2017

Wow, that is really impressive! Thank you for sharing.


by user3 posted 13-11-2017

Yeah, those rigs are mental!

Here are a couple of videos I often look back to

And here's a more recent one that I really enjoyed -

Also, I am sure everyone is probably familiar with Hans Godard, but it's pretty much the definition of amazing content related to rigging, so have a look .

There are loads more, so I will keep coming back and sharing stuff as I get reminded of it.


by user8 posted 16-11-2017

I am very familiar with Hans Godard's work. After all he has the word "god" in his surname;) I am blown away every time he releases something. The latest with incorporating machine learning within rigging is really something else!

On the note of game rigging, this is something I came across recently. A realtime character face.


by user7 posted 16-11-2017

Yeah Hans Godard is having way too much fun with rigging. He does amazing stuff.

Here s my contribution of the day, I think well rigged bird wings are kind of satisfying to watch :