Data Centric Rigging - Workshop by Miquel Campos (mGear)

by vshotarov posted 1092 days ago | 2 comments

Hey guys!

The guy behind mGear - Miquel Campos - has started a "Data Centric Rigging" workshop on youtube!

Have a look

I am really glad he did this, as it is a really important concept in rigging for productions in my opinion as it allows for a very undestructive and modular approach.

Honestly, that's one of the things I wish I new more about before getting into the industry, so I'd definitely suggest watching it!

Additionally, I thought it might be great to have a conversation going here about data centric rigging, as again, it's one of the concepts that I think riggers going into the industry for the first time, can benefit a lot of!

by denilson020898 posted 1091 days ago

Great . It`s like making check point for every time we make a progress.

And if there`s something wrong with the rig, we can always rebuild the rig from the data.


by Miquel posted 1091 days ago

Hi Vasil, Thanks for the Plug! :)