by Orkah posted 1161 days ago | 4 comments

So i m looking at a model and the modeler gave me "cluster weight exports" so that I would skin eye lids exactly how he did it with clusters. Is there a reliable way of transfering deformer weights ".xml" to skinCluster weights? Or do I have to wright some code to export and import weights (not my strong suite right now)? Do you usualy use plugins for that kind of stuff? Or other solutions?

by C_A_Thornhill posted 1149 days ago

Really interesting question. Never thought of doing that, but glad to know it's possible.

by vshotarov posted 1160 days ago

I personally have never had to do anything like that. I suppose to do it with code you can go through the elements of cluster1.weightList[0].weights and store that data in a list, then go through the list and assign the value to a joint using the skinPercent command which is slow, but quite easy to use.

Without messing with code, I suppose you could modify the .xml so it matches the structure of an .xml exported from a skin cluster. I think the only difference is the fact that in the cluster you have just one <weights> block, while in a skinCluster you have one for each joint. Sounds like a mission, though.

I am curious, can you not just use clusters if that's what the modeler has passed you? Otherwise, I would be inclined to just use a skinCluster and paint the weights myself.

by Orkah posted 1160 days ago

Thanks for the answer. Yeah, I know I m complicating my work. But I can't seem to access the weight value per weighted vertex via python (maybe I don t have the right method). So what I did is take the ".xml" file of the cluster weights, put the interesting values in a dictionnary (vert: value) and just remapped it to a skinCluster using "skinPercent" command. But I just had one bone to weight for the skinCluster, so not much work. As for the why, maybe it s just me but I don t like having other deformers do what the character s skincluster could easily do. I think it just adds up deformers uselessly, but maybe I m wrong about that.

by vshotarov posted 1160 days ago

Ah cool, im glad you found a solution! And yeah, more deformers than needed is never good.