Hello World

by vshotarov posted 1172 days ago | 5 comments

Woah, it's finally live!

Even though it's probably very rough around the edges, I am psyched to be able to push it live, so we can start asking, learning, sharing and talking about cool rigging things!

If you stumble upon bugs (which you probably will), issues or anything else, please feel free to email me at vasil@bindpose.com.

Other than that I am incredibly excited about being able to reach out to riggers, ask questions, answer questions and share neat rigging things! Additionally, I am really looking forward to meeting new people in rigging and learning about their workflows, problems and cool ideas!

Let us create this online rigging community together!

by cristinagper posted 1162 days ago

Thank you so much for creating this! I'm a junior rigger so I have ways to go yet, I'm sure being here will help me learn and discover lots of great stuff!

by darrell_vasquez posted 1163 days ago

really excited about this community! Thanks for putting it all together!

by nikhatos posted 1164 days ago

AWESOME - Congrats - and thank you!! This already is, and will be an amazing place! ;)

by clareswift posted 1164 days ago

Hi, Thank you so much for creating this - I've been rigging for about 18mths - still got lots to learn and love that there is a place where I can ask questions & read tips, etc

Thanks again xx

by serendipitydude posted 1171 days ago

Thanks for starting this. As someone who wants to get more involved in rigging, this forum could be a good starting point.