Do you use some non rigging specific tools that actually come in handy when working?

by vshotarov posted 1172 days ago | 10 comments

A really random one, but I am really interested in automation and cool workflows. I suppose the only ones I could mention here are f.lux and redshift(Linux), which are terrible if you do any colour sensitive work, but when rigging or scripting at dark they are absolutely indispensable.

Any cool ones you use and benefit from?

by serendipitydude posted 1171 days ago

I recently came across

I have been using this to store selection sets, poses and animation cycles (for rigging the ability to save selection sets is really helping me)

by briven posted 1164 days ago

Our animators love Studio Library. The creator keeps an open line via email for suggestions and bug fixing requests which one of our guys has used to contact him a few times. Pretty quick turnaround on that stuff too.

by Orkah posted 1171 days ago

That s cool, I've never though of using it that way. Nice one

by vshotarov posted 1171 days ago

Yeah, it's a really good tool that one. I know a lot of animators who use it and it seems like the workflow is really simple which is great.

by hoorayfor3d posted 1171 days ago

Directory Opus! I absolutely cannot live/work without it anymore:

It's a powerful file manager tool that completely replaces the standard file explorer in Windows. Dual-view file displays, tabbed interface, awesome renaming tools, searching, the list goes on. Best thing is the free 60 day trial. While not free, absolutely worth the money.

by vshotarov posted 1171 days ago

Nice, looks really handy! Is there any performance slow down at all?

by hoorayfor3d posted 1171 days ago

Not at all. At least, not that I've ever noticed.