Matrix Math Resources

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Hi all,

I find dealing with matrices in Maya very powerful but sometimes not exactly intuitive so I thought I'd start a thread to share resources that will help you make matrix constraints, calculate vectors etc.

Feel free to post links about linear algebra that you found useful.


Kimon Matara has some great basic tutorials on how matrices are handled in Maya, how to get vectors and what to do with them. Check out his other tutorials as well!

Of course Vasil posted a bunch of great matrix math tutorials

This class by Autodesk does a great job of introducing you to 3D maths.

And of course Marco Giordano's classic "Building a pose reader with Maya nodes"

Got any great links? Please do share them!

by tdHendrix posted 1163 days ago

Here a some more math links:

The transformation matrix is very useful, when understood. | duber's blog

Understanding 2D Transformations: Maths for GameDev : gamedev

Stumbling Toward 'Awesomeness'Maya: Vector Math by Example - Stumbling Toward 'Awesomeness'

djx blog » barycentric coordinates – part 1

Humane Rigging 03 - 3D Bouncy Ball 05 - Quaternion Rotation - YouTube

Intro to Quaternions - YouTube

:: m a c a r o n i K a z o o :: » Matrices for Tech Artists

Tech Art Survival Guide: Bagels and Coffee, or, the vector dot product and you

Jorge Rodriguez - YouTube

Andy Nicholas » Blog Archive » How to Read a 3×3 Matrix

Andy Nicholas » Blog Archive » Rotating Points With a 3×3 Matrix

Linear algebra for game developers ~ part 2 - Wolfire Games Blog


Math is Fun Vectors

Katt's Mysterious 3D Lectures – Vector Application: A Better Rivet

Math resources for 3d artists and animators #rigTip - Rigging Dojo

3D Math - maya rigging wiki

Shannon Hochkins • Calculating the angle between vectors in Maya

Aim Transformation with the Maya API on Vimeo

Maths - lookAt function - Martin Baker

Math Magician – LookAt Algorithm – Keith M. Programming

Math & Physics for Technicl guys - Technical Discussion / Rigging and Visuals - Tech-Artists.Org

Unite 2015 - A Little Math for Your Big Ideas - YouTube

Vector Maths - Unity Official Tutorials - YouTube

Cuneyt Ozdas Tutorials - Max Script

David Parker - YouTube

That Trigonometry Diagram Again | Advanced Math for Young Students

by bits25 posted 926 days ago

wow thank you for this list :)

by vshotarov posted 1157 days ago

Wow, that's a solid list! Thanks a lot for these! I have seen some of them, but I will definitely do my best to digest all of it!

by vshotarov posted 1168 days ago

These are really cool links! I didn't know about the Kimon Matara ones and they are so nicely written!