Better Solution for Dual Knee/Elbow Setup(/w Video)

by nazmiprinter posted 1086 days ago | 4 comments

Hello, i just recently found a way to have a dual knee/elbow setup without duplicating entire IK joint chain and extra messy connections. I'm not sure that it's been known for some time or riggers/animators prefer to have that noFlip/PV switching option because i have no experience in the field. Mostly expert topics are discussed here and i don't have much to contribute but all i want is to give it back to the community(if i can). Would it be useful to anyone in this time if i made a video showing how to do it?

by elsonkms92 posted 1085 days ago

Yea you got me itchy to know whats your solution haha! go for it!

by MarcosDS posted 1086 days ago

Absolutely. Then maybe we can discuss it