IK hip joint flip

by Mauriello posted 1097 days ago | 2 comments

I'm not sure why the hip joint at top of ik chain is flipping at certain angles, but since there are no keys on the joint itself, I can't use the euler filter. Anyway to overcome this? It drives other joints, so I could wedge in some intermediate attribute that gets keyed on/off to compensate for the flip, but that's a sad solve. Any better ideas?

Left hip, primary axis is X, Z pointing +Z.

by vshotarov posted 1089 days ago

I am not exactly sure what the problem is but here are a couple of suggestions to consider.

  • Are you possibly breaking the IK solver? Meaning, is there any chance that the knee joint is rotated, so that it's lying on top or beyond the hip joint?
  • Is there any chance the pole vector is the culprit?
  • As [elsonkms92] suggested, anything weird with the jointOrient on the knee joint?
by elsonkms92 posted 1097 days ago

Probably your joint orient is messed up. How about uploading just the joints with flipped problem ik chain for us to disect? :)